Photo d'une médecin pédiatre en train d'examiner une enfant assise sur les genoux de son parent of the detection and treatment of rare diseases RARESIM PLATFORM Raising health professionals awareness Using digital simulation
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Access pertinent, high-quality information in order to improve diagnosis for patients suffering from rare diseases. Digital simulation offers an innovative format for immersion in the care pathway of a virtual patient with a rare disease.

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The purpose of this platform is to implement training and scientific content with the aim of raising awareness of the culture of doubt among the non-specialist medical network to help combat diagnostic error.

Digital simulation is a truly innovative teaching tool, a vital additional link in the training of health professionals. 

The RareSim platform offers role play with a virtual patient thought processes when faced with a complex clinical picture. The aim is to improve detection of the clinical signs of a rare disease to improve patient care.

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